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Company Formation in Riga

Company Formation in Riga

Riga is Latvia’s capital, it’s cultural and business center. It is one of the key economic centers in the Baltic region and the Riga Port is one of the largest in the area, making the city ideal to base trade businesses.

Company formation in Riga consists of a series of steps, all of which can be completed with the help of our company formation agents in Latvia

Doing business in Riga

Riga is the largest city in Latvia and also the country’s capital. The city is also the largest one among the three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It is only natural that is has become not only a cultural center but also a business center where most foreign investors will choose to base their company.

The city is well connected and the Riga Port offers important advantages for companies that activate in trade or general import/export businesses. 

Opening a company in Riga

Company formation in Latvia is a straightforward process, however, foreign investors may find that they do need specialized aid for submitting certain documents or handling some of the company formation steps, as well as understanding the general process and the requirements issued by the Latvian authorities. Another reason to request special assistance is when, as a foreign investor, you cannot be present in the country during the entire company formation process.

Our agents can help you with the following services for company formation in Riga:

Choosing the type of company: we can advise you on the existing types of companies in Latvia and which one is more suitable for your business needs.

Drawing up the corporate documents: our agents can help you draw up the company’s Articles of Association and prepare the other needed documents and/or translations.

Opening a bank account: any company in Riga will require a corporate bank account opened with a Latvian bank branch.

Registering the company: the actual company registration is performed with the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia; we can help during this step.

Hiring employees: hiring employees needs to be done in accordance with the local employment laws; we can also help you hire foreign employees in Latvia.

We are able to assist you with a number of issues related to company registration as well as opening the branch of a foreign company.

Our team of Latvia company formation agents can help you with detailed information and complete services for company formation in Riga. We can also assist you if you wish to base your business in another Latvian city. Contact us for complete details about our services. Besides Riga, if you are interested in opening a Latvian company anywhere else in the country, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. Latvia places a high focus on having a well-developed logistics network and transportation services. It does so to simplify business between the east and the west due to its favorable location between EU nations and important eastern markets. Choose Latvia as your location if you want to expand your business by starting a new one.